Summer J1 Jobs in the USA

Below we offer you the list of available positions. Jobs in the field staff are set to a nonzero value, available for order. For convenience, you can change the list view, to do this, use a set of filters, keyword search and sorting. To return to the original list, click Reset filters. The more detailed description of every position you can see on the link in the column Company. By default, the list of vacancies is put in order by the states, beginning from Alaska and ending by Wyoming.

Selected records: 11
ID Company / Job title (Staff) State, City Start / End date Salary / Hours Housing
4548 Restaurant
kitchen/dish, as needed, sandwich maker (9 / male and female)
Arizona, AZ,
Start: Oct
End: march
Salary: $10.00/hour
Hours: 35/week
4626 Restaurant
kitchen/dish (4 / male and female)
Georgia, GA,
Start: Dec
End: March
Salary: $7.50/hour
Hours: 40/week
no housing
4630 Yankee Inn
housekeeping, sales help, front desk / housekeeping (6 / male and female)
Massachusetts, MA,
Start: Dec-Jan
End: March-April
Salary: $11/hour
Hours: 25-40/week
4612 Restaurant
kitchen/dish, dishwashing, prep (3 / male and female)
Maine, ME,
Start: Oct-Jan
End: April
Salary: $12/hour
Hours: 40/week
4611 hotel
cook (1 / male)
Maine, ME,
York Harbor
Start: 11-1-17
End: 4-11-17
Salary: $10.00 hour
Hours: 40/week
1792 Hotel
housekeeping (1 / female)
New York, NY,
Start: Dec
End: March
Salary: $8/hour
Hours: 32-40/week
4603 Christmas decorating company
decorator (50 / male and female)
New York, NY,
New York
Start: 10/06
End: 01/13
Salary: $14/hour
Hours: 50/week
no housing
2402 Hotel
housekeeping (2 / male and female)
Ohio, OH,
Start: January
End: March
Salary: $8.50/hour
Hours: 40/week
4606 Shop
Sales help (1 / female)
Tennessee, TN,
Start: Nov/Dec
End: March
Salary: $10/hour
Hours: 40/week
2092 Apartment Complex
Salesperson, waiter, office worker (12 / male and female)
Texas, TX,
Start: Nov 1
End: Feb 28
Salary: $10/hour
Hours: 40/week
4636 Restaurant and Inn
kitchen/dish, housekeeping (3 / male and female)
Vermont, VT,
Start: Dec-Jan
End: March-April
Salary: $10/hour
Hours: 35/week
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