Work And Travel USA - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What guarantees do I have?
    We provide our service according to a contract. You can access it at this link.

  2. I have transmitted money today. When will they be entered in my account on the website?
    When paying via WebMoney or PayPal (Visa / MasterCard) payment immediately credited to your account.

  3. The vacancy I was interested in has been closed, while the money have been transferring to my account. What do I do now?
    Depending on your choice you are able to wait until another interesting vacancy appears, or to document the return. For documentation of the return it is necessary to send us a request about the refund to If a refund to the PayPal account, commission is ~5% of the amount. Full refund is fulfilled during 5 working days.

  4. Can I choose several positions and apply for all of them at the same time?
    Yes, you can simultaneously apply for several positions. In order to do that you need to apply for one of the desired positions or to Free Search option and later on inform appropriate coordinators about other desired positions. Applying for 2 and more positions at the same time, you agree to accept the job offer that comes first on any of the selected jobs. If there is a position you like the most, apply for that position only. Apply for several positions at the same time only if all these positions are absolutely equal for you.

  5. When will you update the vacancy list?
    The list gets updated as we receive information from employers about their hiring needs for the coming season. We try to constantly update the current list. Keep an eye on the News page and Job Offers section of the website. You could also subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook.

  6. I would like to get a job offer to Los Angeles (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston etc.) but there are no vacancies in that area in your list. What should I do?
    If you have not found a vacancy you want among those in our list it means we have no active employers in that area. Make sure to come back to our website and check for updates in our vacancies list. It's possible that we may soon have the vacancy you want.

  7. Can you find a vacancy for me in a certain town/state, for a certain kind of job/for a certain salary/etc?
    You can apply only for those vacancies that are currently listed on our website. The list of updated vacancies can be found at Job Offers section of the website.

  8. I have selected the vacancy I like. How do I submit the application?
    To submit the application for execution of a job offer you have to register on the website and to deposit your account in the system. Further, you must upload the following items using the form in your personal account: resume following the example and color photography, and then to choose the vacancy id and to specify the form of the sponsor’s job offer.

  9. When and how to pay you for a job offer?
    Replenishment in the system via PayPal or Webmoney is fulfilled from the personal account of the user before the application submission for a chosen vacancy. The funds will be written off your personal account after your Job Offer comes back from the American employer. Unexpended funds can be returned to your account on demand by a customer support service. E-mail:

  10. How much do I pay for a job offer?
    The cost of a job offer for one Work and Travel participant is $250 ($350) if you are a student directly applying to Jobofer ltd and $150 ($250) if you are an agency representative.

  11. How can I check the job offer?
    In order to check your job offer, you should bring it to the agency that you apply for the program through. You should also e-mail or call your employer and stay in touch with him. Try to contact your employer every two weeks.

  12. What if my job offer has not been confirmed by the sponsor?
    If your job offer has not been confirmed by the sponsor for any reason, we will return all your money without any fees or you can re-apply for a new job vacancy.

  13. How to fill in a job offer and what to write in there?
    American employer fills in the form of a job offer. You are required to inform us about the identity of your program’s sponsor. There is no need to write anything in the form of job offer at this stage.

  14. I do not know which visa sponsor I have. How do I find out what job offer form to send you?
    You can find out the name of your visa sponsor at the agency where you applied for the program.

  15. I am from China (Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Turkey, India, Thailand, Macedonia etc.) Can I use your service to get a job offer?
    Yes, you can. It does not matter which country you come from. The key condition is that you must be a current participant for Work and Travel USA program.

  16. Is it for sure that I will get a job offer for the vacancy I apply for in a two-week period?
    It's the employer who makes the ultimate decision whether you will be hired or turned down. It can happen that your application will not be accepted based on insufficient level of English, lack of experience in the particular area or other specific requirements the employer may have. You will be notified of the outcome of our talks with the employer and in case of turn-down you can apply for another vacancy.

  17. I was interested by vacancy # NN, could you please describe it more detailed?
    Every vacancy has detailed information as may be browse on detail description page to follow that please click to the link in Company`s column of the table with available job offers check list.

  18. I need a job offer for my profession since I am an Internship program participant. Can you help me?
    Yes, we can. The cost of job offer to participate in the Internship / Trainee USA program is $500 ($600) for self-arranged students and $400 ($500) for agency representatives. The list of available offers can be found in Job offers section.

  19. Will the employer id NN provide the overtime hours?
    When we talk about overtime almost in every state`s company we should take into consideration the following: We shall definite overtime notion at first: Overtime – is a work hours exceed 8 hour in a day or 40 hours/week which are paid in bonder rate. 40 hours in a week is a ordinary all employers working week. If employer grant hours of overtime, it means one or the other: 1) Employer has compelled by lack of a staff, give overtime. 2) In case if uncontrolled rush time existed, for example Alaska, where fishing production is unpredictable and therefore 16 hours working day can be changes for several days off successively. Remember, an employer if in case he is not absent-minded none is give you overtime without necessity. Hiring some other people and make a payment regular wage rate for them, and it being got more efficient and effective work’s quality is more expedient for employer than some exhausted students can do. In case you have overtime in your work it swings within 2- 8 hours in a week.

  20. What is the company’s name id NN?
    The job offer completed by employer includes all the information about the employer, such as: company’s name, web site, e-mail address, post address, phone number, fax number, hiring manager/person to contact, position, salary, number of work hours a week etc. The employer’s contacts are not listed on the web site and cannot be given upon request. The decision of applying for a job vacancy has to be made upon the detailed description of the job vacancy which is available on the web site.

  21. How can I contact the employer through your web site?
    The direct contact (phone calls, e-mails, fax) between the student and the employer can be established after paying for the job offer and getting it by the student. You can get more information on how to apply for a job vacancy on the main page of our web site.

  22. Can you ask the employer id NN if... ?
    The decision of applying for a job vacancy has to be made upon the detailed description of the job vacancy which is available on the web site.

  23. Do you get your job offers from direct employers?
    Yes, all our employment agreements are from the direct American employers. We do not work with employment agencies or any middlemen.

  24. What is Free search?
    Free search is a job search being executed with taking into account the desires stated in your resume. Your resume is being placed into a free search directory where anyone can access it at any moment. Our employers and coordinators then offer you their vacancies. It is necessary to describe your future job desires in the “Additional information” section of the resume in the following way:
    The preferred place of work (in order of preference):
    Company Type: Hotel, Restaurant, Amusement park, Concessions; any …
    Positions: housekeeper, waiter, ride operator; any …
    Salary: $ 7.50 or more per hour; any...
    Housing: free; less than $120/week; none; not important; any…
    Location: NY, NJ, ME, MD, FL, NH; any state on the east coast; Alaska; California; any…
    If you think that the description of the vacancy proposed to you doesn’t meet your expectations, you are able to refuse from this vacancy within 24 hours after your application has been set to “active” or “accept” status. It is needed to inform the vacancy coordinator about it via e-mail or using the feedback option. In case if we don’t receive any commentaries from you within 24 hours, the coordinator continues the process of the job offer acquisition, assuming that your silence means acceptance of the vacancy having been offered.

  25. I am 31 years old, I speak fluent English and have a degree in economics. Can I find a job in the US using your service?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to help you. We work only with current Work And Travel USA participants who are going to travel to the US for summer, spring and winter vacation on J1 visa. This program is only for full time students.

If you have more questions you can e-mail us at