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Gift Shop

Denali Park

Alaska, AK

Job title:
Sales associate

$11/hour + $2/hour as a bonus at the end of season



Start date:
May 25th

End date:
September 1 - 15th


Staff needed:
4 / male and female

Housing description:
This is an "EMPLOYEE Housing" program. We ARE NOT renting cabins, we are charging for EMPLOYEE Housing- not cabin rent! We do not fall under the landlord/tenant laws. If you quit or are terminated, you must leave the property immediately. We ONLY house our employees. We charge $6.50 per day for use of the cabin, bathrooms, main house, kitchen, internet, rec room, and utilities. The employee cabins are small wood-framed cabins. Some cabins are in better repair than others. The cabins are insulated, sheet rocked, and have electric heat and lights. Each cabin also has a refrigerator. We supply mattresses and bed frames. Some cabins have primitive shelving and have been fixed up over the years by the employees. They are clustered together on two acres of land in Healy, Alaska. There are usually two persons to a cabin. We will try to put compatible personalities into the same living quarters. You are free to swap roommates as you become friends with other employees. There is a shower house with private shower and toilet rooms. There are three showers and four toilets available to the 18 to 22 folks living on-site. The washers and dryers are coin operated. The cost is $2 per wash and $1 per dry. This includes laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Gift shop employees are not allowed to have pets on the property. The employee housing and warehouse property is privately owned. For security reasons no non-employees are allowed on the premises. Employees are allowed have guests at camp for $20 per person per day. They must be pre-approved by management. The employee will be held responsible for their guests actions. We have a 3-bedroom log cabin on the property located very close to your personal cabins. It has a kitchen and dining area. You (and your roommate) will have a refrigerator in which to store your food in your cabin. You will cook your meals either individually or in groups in our kitchen in the log cabin. We have collected a set of pots, pans, and cooking utensils over the years that you are free to use. We provide only basic cleaning supplies and toilet paper. You will need to buy your own food. There is a large full-service grocery store and two other convenience stores in the area within walking distance. Drivers are welcome to organize a group trip to the grocery store for larger shopping trips. These trips must be pre-approved by management. There is a garage on the property and a portion of the garage has been converted into a non-smoking recreation room. It has a flat screen TV, DVD player along with a large selection of movies, couch(es), chairs, air hockey table, etc. This is an area for employees to gather when not at work. Internet access is also available in the rec room. The $6.50 per day charge does not include concierge service nor maid service. It is up to all employees to work together to keep the shower house, main log cabin/kitchen area, rec room, common areas and your cabin clean. Garbage needs to be put in the garbage trailer, etc. You will all be living together, and everyone needs to work together to keep the employee complex a clean, nice and fun place to live all summer! It is your responsibility to maintain your personal and social life. This is a business with employee housing that is designed for mature adults. We are not a summer camp nor a rehabilitation center. If you have not lived away from home before, have not lived in shared housing before, or have issues making new friends and getting along with others please deeply consider whether this is a fitting environment for you. You CAN SAVE some money this summer!! Other than food, personal items and laundry, you can save most all your earnings, as you will have few other expenses. Many of the activities in Denali offer large discounts to local employees. We strongly suggest that you find these deals and explore this beautiful area that you came here to see. THE EMPLOYEE HOUSING AREA IS ADJACENT TO SOME NIGHTLY RENTAL CABINS. ALL NOISE MUST BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM IN THE EVENING AND NIGHTIME HOURS!!

Additional info:
We require all employees to speak, read, and write fluent English. You will be working with all English speaking coworkers and customers. Previous experience working in a customer service and cash handling position is preferred. We offer 35 hours per week. But it's possible to find the second job (part time) in the area.

Dress code:
All staff are required to wear a company T-Shirt that we provide for free. All other clothing must be clean and free of major damage. Employees are also required to maintain good hygiene. Piercings, hair color, tattoos, and etc are acceptable if they do not contain explicit content.

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08.11.2019 (>1 years)




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