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Cosmetics Sales


Kentucky, KY

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cosmetics sales staff

$7.00/hour or 20% of sales



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0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Type of Housing: Apartments. Estimated students per room: 2. Students per apartment: 4. Will apartments be mixed gender? (Bedrooms required to be same gender): Possible Estimated Weekly Housing Cost: 100$ (include utilities). Housing deposit: $100, will be returned if nothing broken. Housing Distance to Work: varies (30 minutes at most) Transportation to Work: car, students will be provided with a vehicle. No meals provided. Cooking facilities available in the housing. Housing is walking distance to supermarket. Basic supplies like linens/towels are not provided. Other housing features that are offered: microwave, telephone, television, internet access, laundry access, exercise facilities, kitchen supplies.

Additional info:
Special Skills required for these positions: Strong English skills, outgoing, assertive personality. Must like to interact with customers and have the ability to be persuasive in a selling situation. Wage: $7.00/hour or Commission (The higher of the two). Commission structure: 0$-399$/Day - 20%. 400$-799$/Day - 25% (on everything from 0 and up). 800$-and up/Day - 30% (on everything from 400 and up). The minimum wage and commissions will be calculated and compared once every week and will be paid every 2 weeks (the higher of the two). We work in major shopping centers selling high quality cosmetics in which our customers expect knowledgeable and presentable staff. Normal trading hours are between 10am to 9pm, Sunday 12:00am to 18:00pm. One day off a week (not Sunday). Eating and drinking at kiosks is not permitted. Please do so away from kiosks on your breaks. Drinks and food must be stored away from visible sight and are not to be found lying around the kiosks. There is no yelling, or loud speaking allowed in the shopping malls, especially in foreign languages. Well behaved and mannered towards all customers, other employees and mall managers; Absolutely at no time may you attack or follow customers through the mall, or approach them aggressively, especially outside the kiosk area; If a mall employee including security or manager, approaches you be polite and courteous and refer the problem directly to your manager; Never leave the kiosk unattended. Customers are always right, be polite at all times. If there is a problem refer them and the problem directly to your manager. Do not argue with or be rude. Public Transportation: available bus and taxi services. We will meet students at the Airport, Bus Station or Train Station. Minimum stay of 3 months required. Average Temperature in June: 30c.

Dress code:
Clean and Presentable.

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16.03.2010 (>11 years)




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+1908 5744047

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