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Pool Service


Virginia, VA

Job title:

$ 9.00/hour

45-55/week on average for the season (weather dependent)


Start date:
May 20-25

End date:
September 4


Staff needed:
0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
This cost includes the following utilities: phone, heat, water, and air conditioning. Apartments are partly furnished. Food is not provided but an apartment comes with a full kitchen and all utensils necessary to prepare your own meals. Please bring your own personal necessities such as towels, sheets, pillows, toiletries, etc. Housing is shared, with approximately 5-6 students per apartment and 2-3 students per bedroom. If an employee breaks leaves company or is terminated earlier than specified in the Job Offer employee will be responsible for all remaining unpaid rent (total amount for the remaining weeks as indicated dates in your job offer). In order to remain in housing after 9/9/2017, employee must notify by 8/9/2017 Housing Deposit: $200 housing deposit is required to be paid upon arrival or can be deducted from the paycheck. $150 is refundable if the apartment is left in appropriate condition as determined by the apartment owner.

Additional info:
As a lifeguard you will have to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the swimmers. In addition, the lifeguard must check and maintain specific chemical levels in the pool. Additional required duties are: Cleaning the pool and surrounding area, cleaning the restrooms, trash removal and enforcing gate control at the facility. Minimum swimming requirements - Lifeguard Training by ARC *Swim 300 meters un-timed swim using both Freestyle and Breaststroke. *Swim 20 meters and submerge to a depth of 3 meters to pick up a 5 kg brick. Then bring the brick to the surface and swim on your back holding the brick above the water to the starting point. *Once this portion of the class is completed you move onto the remainder of the class, where First Aid, CPR, Rescue Techniques are taught. The duration of a class is 3 days. *The fee for the lifeguard class is $179. The fee can payroll deducted. * Employees will receive the American Red Cross (CPR) certificate, lifeguard certification, and first aid certificate, which is all valid for 2 years.

Dress code:
Employees have to be in uniform at all times when on duty. The cost of a uniform package is $40- $60.

Registered with us:
15.01.2017 (>4 years)



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