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Cosmetics Sales


North Carolina, NC

Job title:
cosmetics sales staff

$7.00/hour or 20% of sales minimum



Start date:
May 1-15

End date:


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Apartments, 2 students per room. Housing distance to work: 5 minutes at most. Students will be provided with a car. They cover gas expenses. Housing is walking distance to a supermarket. Sheets and towels are NOT provided. Other housing features that are offered: Microwave, telephone, television, internet access, laundry access, exercise facilities, kitchen supplies.

Additional info:
About us: our cosmetics company was established 4 years ago. We offer a variety of high quality products such as Dead Sea skin care, Mineral Make Up and Ceramic Hair Straightness. We offer only the highest quality products from Dead Sea, those that promise us 100% satisfied and happy customers. The benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts have been well known since ancient times. About the job: we invite you to work at kiosks inside shopping malls. 3 vacancies are located in Fayetteville and 1 is in Raleigh. It's upon company to decide at which of these locations you will work. Besides selling, you will be responsible for opening and closing the kiosks, work normally from 10 am to 9 pm (Sundays from 12:00pm to 6:00 pm). About you: you have strong English skills, are outgoing and have assertive personality. We take only girls. You must like to interact with customers and have the ability to be persuasive in a selling situation. About your salary: We pay commission but the minimum wage is $7/hour. If you work more that 44 hours per week than overtime is $9/hour or Commission. (The higher of the two) Commission's structure: 0$-799$/Day - 25%, 799$ - 1199$/Day - 27% (on everything from 0 and up), 1200$ - and up/Day - 30% (on everything from 500 and up). In case of not meeting the minimum wage by commission in one week - the different will be paid by the company. The minimum wage and commotions will be calculated and compared once every week and will be paid every week (the higher of the two).

Dress code:
Clean and presentable, closed toe shoes

Registered with us:
26.03.2009 (>12 years)




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US phone:
+1908 5744047

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