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Bed and Breakfast with Gift shop, boat rentals, and food services on Island


Maryland, MD

Job title:
Assistant Innkeeper/ Guest Services Staff


25-40/week (Flexible)


Start date:
May, 1

End date:
Oct, 15


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Small Island in Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Shore, MD. We offer an option for shared house with our family where worker will share room with no more than 3 people. I anticiapte they would have private room most of the time. The posted amount is used for an estimate so a combined pay ratio can be provided. The large bedroom has an adjacent bath and is an upstairs bedroom with heat and air conditioning, decorated in beach theme. The house has been updated and is located on a quiet lane with great location. The back yard has a back deck, pool, and fire pit. The main level offers a master bedroom, bathroom, laundry (free for your use), kitchen, dining room, and living room. Internet access, utilities, phone for all United States calls, and television are all included. Island town parameter is .75 miles or 1.2 Km. Bicycles included with position for use employed with us. All towels, sheets, linens, provided. Access to some food items shared with family who owns business.

Additional info:
We are known world-wide for our friendliness, tranquil and quaint working watermen community. Employees should be detail-oriented, polite, and professional. English proficiency essential as job requires constant interaction with guests, positive energetic personality and willingness to adapt to changing work needs is also required (gift shop, boat launch area, bed and breakfast duties, housekeeping, duties at owners residence, child care, etc., may be needed). Must work well with others, take directions well, and be team player. Must treat guests politely, kindly, and always show respect to guests and other staff and island residents as it is the hallmark of our business! Willing to train, will consider a multiple two friends potentially if the right fit. Applicants that meet all of the criteria will be offered flexibility for a work salary/housing allowance option. Flexible with work dates, applicants will work with staff and family and understand children (all above 10 years old) also live in house. Owners have four properties, a boat rental, gift shop with some food items, commercial rentals for workers, visitors, and guests. Owners have small dog, and older children. Youngest son is wheelchair bound and is often on premises. If you do not feel comfortable around individuals with disabilities, please do NOT apply. Business website should be reviewed prior to applying: www.smithislandinn.com Small island community in Chesapeake Bay with rich history of crabbing and oystering. No bars, not a partying atmosphere, so if that is a need for you, this is likely not a good fit. If you are looking for a place with 24 hour activity, this is not a good fit for you. We have 225 residents, but are known world wide for our unique culture and get global visitors during summer season. Owners are both nursing professionals who own business and are involved with operations. Employees are considered extended family members and are treated as such. You will learn more here than perhaps anything you will ever do, because we created our business based on nursing principles, and use a caring model approach for customers, guests, and our community around us.

Dress code:
Employees represent our business and must be professional and respectfully dressed. While the Island is somewhat conservative in their appearance, casual dress is acceptable, but please no excessive skin exposure, shorts must be to mid-thigh, casual shirts with no foul language or inappropriate logos, etc. Occasional need for khaki pants and green polo shirt (only one set required), working shoes (athletic shoes, flats, sandals, etc. no high heels or inappropriate work shoes), no facial piercings, no excessive make-up, natural hair color (dying OK, but no primary colors, gothic black, etc.), no excessive or offensive tattoos, no facial tattoos, and no tongue piercings.

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06.11.2016 (>4 years)




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