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Hotel Resort


California, CA

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kitchen/dish, housekeeping, bus person




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0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
On-site accommodations at the hotel

Dress code:
All associates at Silverado are expected to present a polished, professional appearance at all times. Your appearance contributes to the guests’ impression of you, the property and the entire company. As a hospitality professional, it is important to look your best at all times. Personal Hygiene Pay special attention to your daily personal hygiene: brush your teeth, use deodorant, and keep hair clean. If you use perfume or cologne, use it in moderation. Proper undergarments must be worn. Tattoos Tattoos are a form of expression and are not prohibited, however, should not be visible. Visible tattoos and body piercing (other than ears) are not acceptable. If tattoos are not covered by clothing, they must be discreetly covered at all times with items that are plain, neat and professional in nature, or concealed by makeup. Clothing Clothing, hosiery and shoes must be in good repair, coordinated and well-maintained. Clothing should be pressed. Undergarments may not show through or hang out of clothing. Shirts must be tucked in, garments the right length, and clothing should fit appropriately. Shoes must meet uniform specifications for the position. Black socks must be worn with black uniform pants. Undershirts must match your uniform with no visible logos. For Female Associates: Hair Hair must be worn in a neat and attractive style. No unnatural hair colors or extreme styles are allowed. If associate is working with food and has long hair; it must be neatly pulled back away from the face, with a clip, barrette or rubber band. Your hair must not obstruct your face if in a customer-facing position. Make-Up Make-up is encouraged to enhance features naturally. It should be tastefully applied, not extreme and not excessive. Eye shadow and eyeliner are acceptable in neutral colors. Lipstick should be applied to complement one’s appearance (natural gloss or shades of red or pink). Fingernails Keep fingernails clean, neatly trimmed and moderate in length (no longer than one-fourth of an inch beyond the fingertip). If polish is worn, one color is permitted and all nails must match. Designs or decals are not permitted on fingernails. Natural or subtle shades of nail polish are preferred – no glitter. Polish should be well-maintained with no chips. Associates working in food service may not wear polish Jewelry Jewelry and other ornamentation should be kept to a minimum and must be conservative, appropriate to working attire and not in conflict with any job-related safety standards. Rings are to be limited to 2 per hand (wedding sets count as 1). Earrings may not exceed the size of a quarter. Ear gauges, cuffs and spacers are not acceptable. Ankle bracelets and body piercings are not permitted. Associates working in food service may not wear jewelry. Male Associates: Hair Hair must be neatly trimmed so that it falls no lower than the bottom of the earlobe and the top of the collar. No extreme styles. No unnatural hair colors. Facial Hair If wearing a beard or goatee it must be neatly trimmed at all times. Mustaches are acceptable if trimmed and kept at or above the corners of the mouth. Unshaven stubble is unacceptable and any associate reporting to work in this manner will be asked to shave or sent home. Sideburns should be trimmed and follow the natural contours of the face and not extend past the bottom of the earlobe. If an associate desires to grow a beard, mustache or goatee, they must do so on approved time off. Fingernails You must keep your fingernails clean and presentable and the nails must not extend past the tip of your fingers. Polish is not allowed. Jewelry Wedding bands and small rings may be worn, given adherence to safety requirements. Only one ring per hand; simple styles only. No earrings. No rings or studs may be worn in any visible body part.

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05.04.2016 (>5 years)




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