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Job Id:

Retail market, coffee shop, guest ranch, bunkhouse

Swan Lake

Montana, MT

Job title:
retail associate (market), resort worker (guest ranch), cook/housekeeper (bunkhouse)




Start date:
May 15 - June 30

End date:
Sept 15 or later


Staff needed:
0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Housing is available on site for $350 per month and that includes room, board, internet and laundry.

Additional info:
We are a seasonal business operating at the West Entrance to Glacier National Park. We have a large retail space, ice cream parlor, gourmet hot dog service, gift shop and coffee shop in our building. We currently have several job proposals for j1 students. Please read carefully and choose what's the best for you:

1. Retail associate (retail market) - we need 6 male/female students

Job duties will include:
  • Cleaning the store and stocking inventory which involves bending and lifting and repetitive motions.
  • Greeting and serving customers which involves standing, food handling and money handling.
  • Food preparation which involves hot cooking surfaces and cutting/slicing condiments.
The building is 12,000 square feet. The work is 90% indoors with the exception of watering the flower baskets or occasionally tending to the grounds (taking out the trash, cleaning up around the property, etc.). The food service portion of the building is a bit noisier than the gift shop, but both are fairly quiet places to work.

2. Resort worker (guest ranch) - we need 1 male student

Job duties will include:
  • Outdoor maintenance including: painting, fixing fence, gardening, pulling weeds.
  • Lodge guest room turnover: taking out the trash, cleaning the floors, bathrooms, common areas, doing laundry and making the beds.
  • Cook assistant: helping to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner by setting the table, prepping vegetables, cleaning up after meals
Employee housing is mandatory given the remote location of the Guest Ranch. It consists of a private, rustic cabin for sleeping, located at the same address as the main lodge. The main lodge is used for the bathroom and meals. All meals, utilities and internet are included. The cost per month is $350. This particular location is more isolated, truly near the wilderness, so it is ideal for people that like to work on alone and enjoy nature. Needs to be proficient at English and independent person.

3. Cook/housekeeper (bunkhouse) - we need 2 male/female students, preferably friends who will live in one room.

Job duties will include:
  • The cooking would be involving preparing the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the horseback concession staff (10 people).
  • The housekeeping would consist of daily cleaning of the employee bunkhouse (4 bedrooms, two employee bathrooms, common area, kitchen) and general upkeep of the facility grounds (collecting trash, watering plants, weeding, etc.).
  • The students could each take on their preferred set of duties or share them.

This particular job is located in a very rural setting within Glacier National Park. It is ideally suited for people that like to hike and enjoy nature on their time off.

Please mention the vacancy you are applying for in additional comments of your resume.

Dress code:
Employees must wear a company shirt to work (cost $10), but can wear their choice of pants/shorts/skirt as long as they are an appropriate length, clean and free of holes. The company will provide gloves and hair coverings which must be worn during food preparation.

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15.04.2015 (>6 years)



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