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Cleaning company (second job: Beach shops and Restaurant)

Panama City Beach

Florida, FL

Job title:
sales girl / housekeeper



Start date:
must be already in the US, start ASAP

End date:


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Houses dorm style 3 girls per room. All utilities including wifi, tv, kitchen, electricity, water etc. $100.00 deposit is refundable.

Additional info:
We are interested to hire the student who is already in the USA with J1 visa only!

Please we only want to hire from 4 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, if they can start working May 16-20. Other Eastern Europe countries may be considered, but not Asia. Sorry for that.

Our company is registered as cleaning and property management company, therefore in job offers we may write housekeeping. All of our employees should be ready for housekeeping jobs, especially on weekends. However if you have excellent English we may propose you sales job as well Monday thru Friday in our touristic beach shops. They have other co-owners so we do not send job offers from these businesses. At the same time we may also propose you second job in the restaurant of our friends near-by. In any case again: all applicants must be ready for housekeeping jobs. That's what we write in job offers and this is our primary proposal. If you will be real good upon arrival, we will propose you the other options as well. But it also depends on the amount of girls with excellent English we will have.

For housekeeping girls: intermediate level English is enough. Need to be hard-working, ready for cleaning bathrooms and resort condo rooms. Better if you have housekeeping experience.

For sales girls and restaurant jobs: excellent English is a must. Need to be presentable, friendly and communicative person. You will sell beach wares in the beach shop. In the restaurant our friends have mostly server jobs but not limited to that. Please understand sales and restaurant will be most likely alternative or second jobs and you will still have to do housekeeping every Saturday and Sunday.

Please note we cannot give day-offs on Saturday and on Sunday! It is the busiest days in our touristic business!

Not for Intrax, IEX and CCI.

Sponsors AWA and Life Adventures already confirmed this employer in 2015.

Registered with us:
13.02.2015 (>6 years)



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