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B&B Hotel


Alaska, AK

Job title:
innkeeper's helper




Start date:
May 20

End date:
Aug 20


Staff needed:
0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Additional info:
Cleaning guest rooms for 3-4 hours p/day, their guest kitchen and rest of home, windows, floors etc, some guest services as requested. Some time in office as assistant is possible for simple tasks depending upon experience. If person has experience with guest reservations or computers, we have a Macintosh. We can offer work in this are also. After we meet employee can alter jobs available. It is one large home currently run by one nice woman, the owner. Employees may live on premises,bedding in small room in not used area of home, will need a bit of fixing up upon arrival. Will have temporary room until we get it done in a week or so. Worker will assist to clean up kitchen area for guests, when not in use, they may prepare their own food there. nice large home for guests, large outdoor area. Best suited for person wanting time to study or do activites on their own, as they will be the only employee. Unless 2 people wish to enjoy Alaska more and split the work. Not interested in those looking to party, or drink alcohol. Prefer either one person more full time, or if two people want to travel and room together, a couple, or friends. Then it will be part time. Bicycles will be required if wanted to look about area, we are remote to bus service and town, it is only 20 minutes by private car, and occasional rides are possible in one direction. Best for studious or self motivated person. If employees are a creative couple, such as enjoying projects in building or artistic adventures. Employer may arrange a special added project to complete over season, such as grounds improvements in lovely nature reserve. Such as trail improvement, water flow improvements, or a bridge, a deck, painting, planting. Etc.

Dress code:
No info.

Registered with us:
08.11.2009 (>11 years)



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