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Job Id:

Fast Food

Kahulu, Maui

Hawaii, HI

Job title:
sandwich makers




Start date:
June 15 / July

End date:


Staff needed:
0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
We will be either renting a house, or buying a house that is suitable. At this stage we have not done that and are financially able to make that reality as soon as we know we can get help. Ideally we would prefer to have single rooms for each person but would not expect them to share with more than one.We are very caring people and right now we have a girl for 4 months from the Cech. she came to Maui, and her job fell through and we hired her. We are having her to our home this weekend, so that we can help her enjoy the Island.

Additional info:
We would train them to work preparing sandwiches, cleaning the operation at the end or day,or anything from cash register to day to day operation. The reason I put from January to December, is that we are in Hawaii, and we have year around busy time. So if we could get exactly what we wish, we would want one group ready to come when one is about to leave. We are not fully aware of what is expected of us, therefore we have heard from other employers, that they charge minimum rent, Both my husband and I are seasoned Canadian Business owners, and we have a history of happy staff. We also have a small guest house, and should we need immediate housing we are able to accomodate them. I have sponsored several domestics for my children when they were young, at that time, they lived with us, we provided a car, and many other perks. We want them to be happy.

Dress code:
The staff are required to wear black or beige slacks, or knee length shorts, and we provide shirt, apron, hat, and they are to wear comfortable closed shoe shoes.

Registered with us:
22.10.2008 (>12 years)



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Number 0 0
% female/male 0/0 0/0

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