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Alaska, AK

Job title:
Housekeeping, kitchen help, bar, yard maintanance




Start date:
May 1 - June 12

End date:
Aug 15 - Sept 30


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Housing included for full time employees. $500 deposit damage and cleaning deducted from payroll and reimbursed upon departure if approved. Each employee will have their own small room with TV, microwave and refrigerator. We have wireless service, however they will be required to provide their own laptop. Schedules will sometimes be split depending upon how many guests are on the property and the work load. Most of our clients have CHOSEN to be our guests. We are a destination. We have a nightly campfire and serve a full breakfast. We are located 7 miles from town and considered in the wilderness. Employees will have to arrange their own transportation. There are shuttle services.

Additional info:
The positions we will offer for the summer of 2017 will require the successful applicant to speak and understand FLUENT English, German is a plus, if you are 21 years of age by June 2017 - it's a big plus. Need to have some kind of work experience in the hospitality business and or yard maintenance with references that can be confirmed, team player attitude, understand that the position is located in a somewhat remote area of Alaska. We are a very small family business with high end cabins that serves food and offers outdoor activities and the duties will be a variety with an emphasis on housekeeping. For those that can fulfill the above, or feel that they have the skill set and ambition to be a part of our team, please send evidence that you will qualify and the reason for your enthusiasm. AGAIN PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: 1. All potential applicants MUST have like kind work experience, references that can be contacted and excellent understanding and speech of English. 2. Girls preferably from Asia, but not limited to this. 3. Last year, the applicants sent to us were dishonest about English and experience. We will not tolerate this in the future. 4. We request one male capable of doing heavier work such a light maintenance and yard work (background from a rural area of his country will ensure basic skills). For him arrival would be best by early May. 5. We will need 2 females with hospitality experience. Job requires cabin cleaning and kitchen prep and must be willing to do some yard maintenance. They must arrive by June 12. 6. We will accept an additional female or male with experience early July. Housing is provided. $9 per hour plus bonus. 7. Do not bother to send any resumes that do not meet our required criteria. Thanks.

Dress code:
All employees must be neat in their appearance with good hygiene. I supply kitchen aprons and gloves. Typically, employees will wear casual slacks and a neat shirt. Slip on and off shoes are required so they can be slipped off in buildings. Socks are required at all times as all floors are hardwood. Hair must be pulled back at all times unless clipped and short.

Registered with us:
30.09.2009 (>8 years)




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Statistics Current Hired 2015 2011
Number 0 3 1 2
% female/male 0/0 100/0 100/0 100/0
Countries China Russia Russia China


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