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B&B Hotel

Hillsdale, Detroit

Michigan, MI

Job title:
as needed




Start date:
June 18

End date:
Aug 31

$450/month +meals

Staff needed:
0 / male (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
2 per room with own bed, all meals included!!!

Additional info:
They will work more if they are good. I need nonsmoking men to work at two different properties: one in Hillsdale, MI and the other is in Detroit, MI. They must be willing to work at both properties. They will be helping my wife run her business of a bed and breakfast, so some days they will be working in the kitchen and others they will be cleaning rooms and carrying luggage. They will be acting as porters when needed. When we don't have guests they will be doing outside landscaping. They will need to be able to paint and do minor maintenance. HELLO OLGA ,I'm starting to look at the students that you are sending to me and they all look very good. the rent is $450 per month and the first months rent is due the day of arrival, and that includes 3 meals a day. They have to agree to work at my too different sites depending on the amount of business. I can only start people off with 10 -15 hours a week but last year everyone worked more. I have to do that so i make sure that i get quality work.... no slackers... and i cant except people who want to sleep all morning and then quit at 3. Right now i'm looking to hire 8 men for the summer starting on the June 18 2012 and ending on august 31 2012. The guys last year went to Chicago and up north camping and to festivals in Detroit so i know they had a good experience about their stay here in Michigan. If employees prove themselves good workers, they will get more hours.

Dress code:
Casual / work clothes, must dress warm for cold weather.

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31.07.2011 (>10 years)




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